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Re: [ox-en] sell your free software "lifestyle" business for nine figures [u]

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Well, imagine the following two situations, I hope that makes the distinction clear.
So there is a given open source project, with a core of lead programmers and a multitude of small contributors.
Some venture capitalist is interested. Two options are open:
 - some of the leading individuals "sell" their leadership and expertise of the project, and become rich in the process
 - a cooperative venture is created, so that if there is a business interest, all the members of the cooperative can benefit, not just a few
The problem is to find ways to avoid that a few benefit from the work of the many.

"Benj. Mako Hill" <mako> wrote:

Do you not have a problem with 'some people' profiting from the work
of a whole community?

As a matter of princple, I do not. I think that, to varying degrees,
it happens with any collaboratively or community produced work. That
doesn't mean I always enjoy it.

Are there any examples of free software communities perhaps forming
cooperatives of producers so that more can benefit?

Can you explain what you mean by this? Geert suggested that the Debian
project is one example although I think I may disagree if you mean
"benefit" financially. A little clarification would be good.


Benjamin Mako Hill

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