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Re: [ox-en] Re: Next successful Free Product?

Jason Bechtel on  Sonntag, 11. Dezember 2005 at 0:07 Uhr [PHONE NUMBER REMOVED] wrote:
Science abhors secrecy.  We see what happens when pharmaceutical
companies get to pick and choose the studies they want to pay
attention to and which to ignore...  When the science is embodied to a
great extent in software, at it often is with drug discovery and
modeling, and where much of that research is paid for by the NIH and
NSF (thus, public tax dollars) there is an excellent case to be made
for all of that code being at least open, if not Free.

Welcome back to oekonux list, Jason.

I think we are seing a growing insight that there is real case for doing
that. But the case manifests only when we are able to spot real interests
who are strong and lobbyistic enough to balance the enormous capital
interests who are desperately seing neofeudalistic intellectual property
rights as the ultimate field of investment.

I see real interests, I see new and unprecedented coalitions of actors
such as small businesses, academic institutions, third-world countries,
farmers, NGOs etc. 

In each and every case we need to identify "good practise". We had a
tremendous seminar yesterday here at the GIVE center about agriculture and
open source villages. The amazing thing is that industrial agriculture is
by its very nature producing little more than tasteless and dangerous
stuff. We have now a wave of understanding throughout Austria since the
release of the film "We feed the world" here. On the other side we saw how
little need for Genetical Engineering is there if you replace it with
knowledge about the existing biodiversity and its proper use. We really
became stunned when we saw what the group of researchers around John Earls
( Peru had found out about Inka agriculture and its level of informational
sophistication. We found out that good agriculture is based on quite
complex computation! Saying this I would like to stress that we need to
combine old and new knowledge in almost all fields of human activities,
but also in this case underline that we will have no point if we do not
simultaneously have for example the agricultural system that thrives in
Free Knowledge.

So our theoretical mission is double: identify the practises of Free Modes
and identify the practical interests that make them break through.


Contact: projekt

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