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Re: [ox-en] Re: Alternative exchange systems furthering GPL society?

Hi Michel!

Last month (47 days ago) Michael Bouwens wrote:
Also a new era does not solve the problems of the previous one
directly but by transforming and overcoming them on a new level /
synthesis. This new level / synthesis is probably the hardest thing to

<< On the one hand, you say this, and I'd be happy to read what this
synthesis is, but in most of your interventions one has the
impression that you are happy for DFS to just grow on, organically
(aka germ form theory),

Well, just look at Free Software and you can see some examples.

For instance the question of individual supply with needed goods in
capitalism boils down to the question of having enough money
available. As a result the question of satisfying needs always ends in
the question where the money comes from. In Free Software the supply
with needed goods is always an issue. However, it is solved completely

and in the meantime, you are happy to work
for a capitalist firm and to leave things pretty much as they are.

Not really. But I try to think of useful ways to spent my energy and
believe me I made many attempts in the directions you suggest and I
learned for me it is a waste of energy.

For example, you never reply to my query on a transitional strategy?

See my last mail for this.


This is one of the myths the alternative money scene loves so much.
The main error is that the example can not simply be transferred to a
developed capitalism and the conditions you find there. Also the facts
were not really as they are told in this myth and most of all the
phenomenons described were not as single-reasoned as they are told.

<<DO YOU HAVE more information on this??

Unfortunately not. I heard this once from a person from the (former)
Krisis group who really knows what he was talking about but I have no
reference available. May be Google can help?

						Mit Freien Grüßen


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