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Re: [ox-en] John Mark Walker: There Is No Open Source Community

Thanks, Geert, Jason, Robin! Just a quick note on the Individual vs the Economy. Both is of course right, without daring individuals no F/LOSS, without cold and determining economy no F/LOSS (at least not its current success) either. Neither: "just another capitalistic scheme", nor: "the first harbinger of captialism's end - at last" gets us somewhere. Technology or (capitalist) economy don't do anything, but without technology or (capitalist) economy nothing is done. I don't like saying the latter either, but I have found myself growing more and more weary of the former (morally superiour revolutionaries and their heroic deeds) as well. Which leaves us with political economy: Whether there is an 'Open Source Community', is a political _and_ an economic question. Communities are about identity, and identities are _made_. Ant they are performed. And their non-existence is performed as well. Walker performs this community's non-existence, in the meanwhile other indiviuals perform its existence - adhering to its particular moral principles and social contracts.
Best, Thomas

P.S.: BTW, I don't think that Oekonux is a place where this community can be performed, I rather like to think of it as the F/LOSS community's superstructure (or the parody of it, it is utterly insignicant after all). <!--Sorry I had to say this, but - like others - I am still angry about things which happened on this list quite a while ago. Never mind.-->
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