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Re: [ox-en] Re: Basic income as an option?

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The idea that various trusts can be established for funding is interesting, but since your proposal would entail the massive expropriation of land, I don't think it is feasible at all,

magius <magius> wrote:
  The possible "killer app" to give unconditionated basic income
*without the State intervention* are community currencies. A
"community basic income".

To do that we need to rethink community currencies.

Imho a possible successful model could be:

1. a "community land trust" (CLT) that owns the property of the land
(as not-privatizable "commons") but not the homes and factories on it,
which can be buyed by individuals (but that can be selled only at a
fixed price)

2. the CLT issues a community currency to which is applied a demurrage
tax (so, issued money loses progressively its value and capitalistic
accumulation is abolished).

3. the community currency is issued as "community basic income" to all
the members of the CLT (social dividend) when a member asks for a loan
(that is given at 0% tax) to create an activity. In this way the
social distribution of wealth is associated to its creation.

4. the communal owneship of land is needed as a measure to fight the
possible speculation on land (if money is perishable, people tend to
buy land). The CLT role is to mantain stable the price of homes and
factories that are on the land owned by it.

Nothing revolutionary but perhaps feasable.


2006/3/24, Stefan Merten :

Otherwise you'll need heavy state regulations and I
can already hear the outcries then...

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