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Re: [ox-en] Multi-local societies and Global Villages

Christoph Reuss writes:

Can you point to an actual instance of such a "Global Village"?

There are many building blocks to a Global Vilage, and I have no instance
where all of them are assembled.

we are trying to collect instances where some of the building blocks are
in function or there is potential here:

The place where I do my work is in Kirchbach Austria, but you could say
that only five out of 1000 people in the village are active contributors
to the Global Village project. Still the results that we achieved so far
are amazing. If more people would contribute, we could give the most
powerful example of the world.

I understand you have been working on this idea since 1992,
funded i.a. by taxpayer money, but I have difficulties to find
anything tangible -- there are various abandoned websites and
defunct domainnames (e.g.

1. The taxpayers money went into the usual political agenda, not into our
work. If I tell you how we brought about Global Village and CULTH, you
would see that much of these events was about self-representation of
politics and just on the side the meaningful discourse could happen. I can
tell you in more detail if you wish, but you should know that your remark
is *absolutely* not justified.  In 1997, I was even unable to organize our
symposium in the  midst of GV97 because of lack of resources, so I went
out fundraising few weeks before the event. This is bitter because other
people that had simillar agenda received full freedom and funding for
their events, basically they sold it to politicians in a way that
flattered their ego and expectations.

2. The support for GIVE was mainly by people absolving three month of
"academic training" after having their degree and no job yet  (yes this
was taxpayers money) and this Austrian action is dead since 1999. 

3. So all the deplorable circumstances that you show are due to the lack
of support. I switched to voluntary cooperation and I have been successful
in slowing down the speed, doing shared events, let others organize....but
the results are not always for the better. 

Like every creative person, I could very well use "taxpayers money" at
this point in time - especially because Global Villages are the only
workeable solution that can help us survive the coming economic crash
without getting seriously hurt. Every day that is not used in development
of GlobalVillage schemes is a lost day. And as you rightly observe, the
shortcomings are still outweighing the achievements.

So by the way this is also an instance where the Producer/Predator Scheme
is falling short. I feel myself as a producer, working partly
scientifically, partly creatively, but in order to achieve the goals that
I have I am in need of resources aka money. Of course I am working in
gathering a bunch of likeminded people, but the point is that most
creative people are doing "their own thing" and have the same hunger for
resources as I do. So if you get voluntary contributions, sometimes you
better watch out. You might end up being "predated".

OK for that?

Maybe you want to build a better instance of a Global Village to show us
the way? I would be glad if you did and let us know. We definitely would
find ways of working together.


Contact: projekt

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