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Re: [ox-en] Multi-local societies and Global Villages

josx wrote:
El Domingo 28 Mayo 2006 15:06, magius escribió:
2006/5/27, Michael Bouwens <michelsub2003>:
thanks for clarifying. I encountered it first in Empire, where it has a
pretty central > place,
Yes, Virno and Negri are both autonomist marxists. The concept of
Negri's "multitude" is strongly related to marxist "General Intellect"
found in the Grundisse.

about Grundisse, someone knows where I can download Grundisse??

That's a typo. He seems to be talking about
'Grundrisse : Foundations of the Critique of Political Economy'
(for example here:

Contact: projekt

Thread: oxenT03330 Message: 15/15 L7 [In index]
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