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Re: [ox-en] collecting our body of knowledge

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Dear Franz:
  I think that I have made substantial progress to such a 'freepedia'. As  an example, here's a review of the open models. I could do the same  under the heading participatory/peer/commons. The P2P Encyclopedia is  already quite a fount of documentation:
  From my point of view, I would be very happy if people from Oekonux  could contribute, making this better. It is by all means a freepedia,  an open access and open content encyclopedia, which everybody can join,  especially people in the Oekonux mode.
  Contributors could co-brand the entries under the Oekonux label, and we  could create a separate topical 'Free Modes Concepts', which could me  mirrored on the Oekonux site. (I don't know myself how this would  technically work though). Another possibility is to add a 'Oekonux  Perspective' subheading to the existing entries, where the precise  relationship of the concept, within the Oekonux framework, could be  explained.
  Here's what I'm looking for:
  - one or more  maintainers for such a Free Modes Concepts page
   - someone checking Wikipedia for existing articles on such topics, to which we could refer
   - someone working on interlinking and cross-referals with already existing Oekonux material
   - topic experts ameliorating existing topics
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Franz Nahrada <f.nahrada> wrote:  list-en writes:
 Why not do something similar with the Oekonux body of knowledge, and 
cross-referencing our mutual insights, as a start from an even broader 
effort with other partners?


thats what I suggested since long time and which I wanted to achieve at
the 3rd Oekonux conference in Vienna.

something like a FreePedia, an encyclopedic collection of Free Modes or
peer production in all fields of human endavours.

Maybe that would be the thing to go for.

(actually there is a on the web but in a lousy state and no
one knows what it contains)


Contact: projekt

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Contact: projekt

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