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[ox-en] Major server crash

Hi lists!

On Saturday, 2006-06-17 early in the morning there were a major
hardware crash at the site where the Oekonux server is hosted. Not
only a disk in a RAID died but also the controller for it. Because of
a combination of unlucky conditions the replacement of the hardware
took until yesterday evening.

Unfortunately the malfunctioning controller killed the file system of
our server so we needed to start over from scratch. We were lucky that
we had a backup - though we learned, that the backup was also faulty
:-( . However, we could restore the majority of files and so much of
the grown configuration could be reused.

The crash affected all facilities hosted on the Oekonux server
including mail (also my personal mail address), static web pages
including mail archives, and Wikis.

At this time the mailing lists and all other mail facilities should
run again as usual. The mail archives are not updated yet, however. We
hope the static web pages with the up-to-date archives will be
available again tomorrow.

The Wikis are affected extremely bad but luckily I have a relatively
fresh copy of their contents for my laptop use :-) . Thus the data
will be restored as well during the next days. The remaining
facilities such as the local search engine will be available step by

I'd like to use this opportunity to say big, big thanks to Holger.
Without his quick and enduring efforts during the last days we would
had suffered from this bad luck much longer - if we had recovered at

						Mit Freien Grüßen


Contact: projekt

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