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Re: [ox-en] Re: Free Software and free lists

Am 2 Nov 2006, um 8:53 hat Stefan Merten geschrieben:

Free Lists can be bad of course - and a lot actually are. But
the process of Free Lists allows for creating superior products. If
this would not be the case then we would not talk of Free Lists at
all because moderated Lists would not allow Free Lists to
raise its head. Karl Dietz has a lots of reasoning about this in his
lists - ah, I guess I did not mentioned these lists here already ;-) .
 						Mit Freien Grüßen

( is there a link to this reasoning, or could it be paraphrased please )

'free' here appears to be opposed to 'moderated' --

but isn't it really 'self-moderated' as opposed to 'other-moderated'

Thu, 2 Nov 2006 21:10:36 Karl Dietz wrote:

SCNR - more than one month after the beginning of moderating ox-de

i remember a quote from somewhere, about a character who was only able to remember his name, because others had shouted it at him so often

other-moderation can and does lead to self-understanding and consequently to self-moderation

but other-moderation, however well meant, may appear to the moderated as an arbitrary dictate -- for example, the beneficiaries of a half-secret trust, or people who assume they are beneficiaries of a secret trust, have been known to be unappreciative of the words and deeds of the trustee

in a recent paper, *Open standards and unencumbered open standards* [1]
fsfe have categorised 'standards', that is 'shared agreement between various actors enabling communication between different products or services' -- mayhaps these are a different set of labels that could be used to fine grain the labels of self-moderation / other-moderated

-- .

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