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[ox-en] Re: [pox] Theaterprojekt DAS KAPITAL und Oekonux? [en]

On 2006-07-19 08:54, Stefan Merten wrote:
[This was a request from some theater people who are planning to
bring Marx' "Das Kapital" to the stage. Sounds very interesting :-)

Now I can report the "results".

The group "Rimini Protokoll"
asked for supporting their new theatre project about Marx' work "Das 
Kapital" Volume One. We had a really interesting talk with the group in 
Berlin about free software and possible links to a free society beyond 
commodities, money, state and markets. After the meeting nothing 
happens, no further contact (although agreed), no information about 
their plans.

Now the play is out, released at Duesseldorf theatre. Read this (german)

On the web page they write: "'DAS KAPITAL, Volume one' ties together the 
threads of long-winded castings, where people from different political 
and societal areas with their biographies contribute and represent 
different perspectives on this thick book." In a TV interview they 
proudly said, that they talked to 100 people during preparation.

There are some german press talks about the play (link above) and an 
english one (Guardian), here:

Ok, I understand: We only were a part of a casting game. As you can 
imagine I am not amused. What we observe here is the counterpart of 
what we have in free software: grasp the creatitity of the people, go 
away, and transform into a scarce product, a commodty. Well, if you 
want to see, what they did with our ideas, you can visit the theatre, 
isn't it? But pay first, please.


Start here:
Contact: projekt

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