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hi, i pass on this info from franz in chox to ox-en. franz, i think, ox-en is much more appropriate than chox for this stuff. chox has the only advantage, that it is clearly non-moderated. but ox-en has also this merkmal. fine. very fine. me myself could not imagine how selbstentfaltung is possible in a moderated ox-list, like ox-de for example. enjoy, karl

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Betreff: 	[chox] Open Source Usability Sprint
Datum: 	Mon, 16 Apr 2007 09:07:28 [PHONE NUMBER REMOVED]
Von: 	Franz Nahrada <f.nahrada>
Antwort an: 	chat
An: 	chat

eine Aktivität an dem auch die Hyperscope/Augment Gruppe um Douglas
Engelbart beteiligt ist.

At the sprint, open source developers, usability practitioners, project
managers, and users will gather to discuss methodologies for improving the
usability of Free/Libre/Open Source Software (FLOSS) and to apply those
processes towards specific projects. The goal is two-fold: To improve the
usability of the participating projects, and to catalyze greater shared
understanding and ongoing collaboration between the usability and open
source communities.
s always, the event will be self-documenting on our event Wiki under
Creative Commons license to encourage the broadest use, adoption and
ongoing enhancement of those resources.

Contact: projekt

Contact: projekt

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