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Re: [ox-en] Fwd: [ox-de] oscar overtaken?

Hello Stefan,

I am afraid the "format" of the interview does not
lend itself for posting online: instead of a typical
interview setting premised on asking questions and
receining answers to these questions, I asked my
interviewees, including J. Lammers, to rank-order
(sort) a number of statements (63 to be exact)
according to the degree they agreed with them, and
upon the completion of this process (which enables me
to compare individual interviews, and in addition,
minimise the extent that my own personal bias
influences the task of interpretation), several
questions relating to their specific placements
followed (The methodology is called *Q*; its homepage
on the Web is So, I am afraid
there's nothing to post here. 

That said, the research project (entitled Images of
Innovation), for which these interviews were done,
will be soon I'll post the finished
paper to the list when it's ready.       




--- Stefan Meretz <stefan.meretz> wrote:

On 2007-04-13 12:43, George N. Dafermos wrote:
I recently interviewed the main developer of the
project here at TU Delft, Jacco Lammers.

Is it readable online?
Or would you post it here?


Start here:
Contact: projekt

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