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Re: [ox-en] Fwd: [pox] KLab9 Call for Contributions

Hi Gregers, Raoul, all!

2 weeks (17 days) ago Stefan Merten wrote:
STREAM 1: TECHNOLOGY *Free software, art spaces and interfaces, hardware,
DIY and recycling/reusing.

On now there is a second
paragraph about this stream:

  Every time we discuss a piece of software, every time we teach
  people how to use a piece of software we are persuading this
  'someone' to use it. An enormous industry keeps growing. For the
  majority of computer users there is a huge distance from code
  construction and manipulation of free software. The most recent
  versions of software and latest computer models appear an
  improvement: Yet it doesn't make anyone more attractive or more
  creative. There are however people who do things differently: People
  who use the old computers to make new effective ones and create art
  with them. There are artists who develop their own software in order
  to match their ideas.

That's something we should consider.

I think preferring Free Software is important and using Free Software
for art also is.

However, I don't think that using Free Software is the only thing art
can learn here.

The point about licensing - which comes to my mind as important -
seems to be addressed in

STREAM 3: AUTHORSHIP *Copy rights, ownership, patenting, and appropriation.
(Creative commons, Copyleft,...)

But writing software as a creative process and the relationship to
artistic working - which probably is seen as *the* way to creativity -
seems to me the most interesting point.

Also the topic about paid art and Doubly Free art seems rather
interesting to me.

Just some thoughts...

						Mit Freien Grüßen


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