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Re: [ox-en] Re: Oekonux workshop at KLab9

Hi Gregers, Raoul, all!

4 days ago Gregers Petersen wrote:
Could we extend the focus on 'authorship' in such a way that it is
combined with the question: Ownership?

Ownership in the sense of having the permission to use something is
already addressed by the license topic - don't you think? But we could
make this point more prominent of course. Ownership also has a link to
the topic of digital copy.

It is possible to engage 'ownership' in at least two directions - either
as 'valuable object' or as 'valuable relations', which leads fairly
quickly to a more critical look at capitalism and so forth (which seems
to be one of the major interests of the the K9Lab) ...

Well, the word "value" is a bit complicated here because in Oekonux
value usually means exchange value while your usage is more like use
value. If we use the term we need to be careful to avoid this problem.

"Valuable object" in the sense of "useful and usable object" is
probably addressed by the ownership question.

As far as "valuable relations" are concerned I'm not sure whether Free
Software fulfills some common expectations. In particular the relation
between the average user of Free Software and the average developer of
Free Software is as anonymous as can be. To me this looks more like an
aspect which is taken over to a new society from capitalism - well,
that's a longer theoretical discussion... On the other hand the
relations inside a Free Software project are addressed by the talk and
could be expanded into the workshop if interesting.

I have authored a newspaper article (in Danish) which could be a basis
for this (it would not take long time to translate it into english).
The title is (translated): Free software is a question about

It would be great if we could have at least an English outline.

I think we maybe should look at the a structure more based on 'one
workshop', which consists of -->

1. Presentation of the theme
2. 2-3 practical example, which leads to direct involvement by
participants (maybe produce something --> posters etc.) ?

Sorry, but I'm certainly no fan of hands-on in such a short time. I
think the participants will learn more from some theoretical
reflection. Also I think the participants will have enough practice
from their actual life so they can reflect on this in this workshop.

What could make sense is one practical example which we will come back
to again and again from different perspectives. However, I doubt we
can find such an example.

I added the ownership topic to the application. IMHO we can expand on
this later but we need to keep the deadline which is next Tuesday. It
is ok for you, Gregers, if I apply with what I put to the Wiki page

						Mit Freien Grüßen


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