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[ox-en] Re: Oekonux workshop at KLab9

Hi Raoul, Gregers, all!

4 days ago Raoul wrote:
Stefan's proposition for the KLab9 is OK for me. That's a great job.


My only doubts are about:
1. Time: I am afraid we pretend to talk about too many questions. But that
depends also on the quality of the audience... and it is better to prepare
too much than not enough.

I agree. However, we have the freedom to select those topics from a
number of prepared topics which are most interesting to audience.

2. The topic on licenses: this issue may drift toward juridical details. It
will be important to keep the discussion on the tracks proposed by Stefan,
specially "Is there something like Free Art and if so how is it expressed".

Absolutely agreed.

What interests me most is actually

  * If the relationships between artists and art and developers and
    software is different is this expressed by copyright regulations?

Juridical details are indeed of less importance for this question.

						Mit Freien Grüßen


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