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Keyword: Fabber / Rapid Prototyping (was: [ox-en] Oekonux introduction)

Keyword: Fabber / Rapid Prototyping

Rapid Prototyping is the more official term

* Fabbers are universal fabrication machines

  * Materialize three-dimensional things from digital data

  * Typically by "baking" some amorphous, fine-grained material

    Allow for constructing things which are difficult to create

  * Actually exist

    Today: Mostly used for building models

* Fabbers have some interesting features

  * Link digital data and material world closely

    Bringing the logic of digital data to the material world

  * Universal for (parts of) material production

    Like computers for information: "One machine to rule them all"

  * Allow material production for individual needs

* Industrial robots are equally interesting

.. admonition:: Conclusion

   Fabbers transfer important aspects of the digital world to matter

Contact: projekt

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