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[ox-en] Oekonux introduction


I'm currently in the process of enhancing and extending the Oekonux
introduction with results which have been achieved over the years but
are not yet reflected in the introduction. You can find the complete
introduction on

I already prepared a lot of new pages privately only some of which are
online yet. In other words: The extension I'm planning is quite big.

I thought it would be useful to post new pages and pages with major
changes to the discussion lists ([ox-en] and [ox-de]) so they can be
improved further there. I'm not going to post the unchanged pages
because I don't want to bore you with stuff you presumably read when
you entered the project. I thought it would make sense to post about
one page a week.

BTW: This is a multi-lingual attempt. Thanks to magius there is
already an Italian translation of the original pages
[]. Translations to
other languages are appreciated (the German translations I'll maintain
myself). If you want to help please don't hesitate to check out the
guidelines for contributions
and/or contact me privately.

						Mit Freien Grüßen


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