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Keyword: Selbstentfaltung (was: [ox-en] Oekonux introduction)

Keyword: Selbstentfaltung

The notion plays an central role in Oekonux

* More than self-realization

  Self-realization focuses too much on the isolated individual

  Selbstentfaltung understands humans as formed by their relations

* Responsibility is part of Selbstentfaltung

  Taking necessities into account belongs to responsibility

  Responsibility needs to be recognized individually

  Responsibility is learned and therefore coupled with the norms of
  the society

* Selbstentfaltung is "autonomy-in-interdependence"

  * Dependency is not reduction but extension of own possibilities

    Because others from whom I depend create possibilities by their
    actions I would not have if only by myself

* Selbstentfaltung of the single person is direct precondition for the
  Selbstentfaltung of all

  * And vice-versa

* Potential for Selbstentfaltung is essential feature of humans

  See critical psychology (Holzkamp)

  * Content is different for every individual

    Particularly it's not necessarily political correct

.. admonition:: Conclusion

   In general Selbstentfaltung is a desirable goal

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