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[ox-en] Fwd: [pox] KLab9 Call for Contributions


We received this call on [pox] but it's certainly interesting here.

I could imagine going there and prepare a workshop. Anyone who would
like to join me?

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Date:  Sun, 18 Feb 2007 18:54:56 [PHONE NUMBER REMOVED]
From:  "Synnove Mathe"
Subject:  [pox] KLab9 Call for Contributions
Message-Id:  <808ab1180702180954u19e92a10x8e83d27c0fff0f4f>


I'm a co-organizator of that klab. I send you an invitation to participate
and to organizate a workshop, specially in stream 1, but if you prefer other
coud be great too.


*KLab9 Call for Contributions*

*From KnowledgeLab*

KLab9:Art - Technology, Authorship and Ways of Living

A weekend gathering for collaborative and creative reflection. 5th - 7th
October, 2007 tbc.*

Institute for Advanced Studies, Lancaster University, North West England.*


The Knowledge Lab is an attempt to provide a collective space for
anti-capitalist reflection. It is located at the margin of the university,
an institution essentially geared towards the production of knowledge as a
resource for corporate interest and as justification for particular
constellations of power relations.

This knowledge lab will address art and ways of critically thinking about
our world. Within this broad region of enquiry, the lab will encompass
notions of life and art as a political commitment, the influence art can
exert in politics and how political ideas in turn influence art. It will
also address new ways of making art and how this relates to technologies and
social changes, and the use of art as an anti-capitalist means to change and
fight the system.

We hope that the knowledge lab will not merely address, but also show that
art can initiate critical thinking in the various guises outlined above. Our
expectations, in terms of the event, and its outcome, are that this be a
sharing of creative ideas and ideas about creativity. We hope that it will
draw together people with a common interest in art and alternative ways of
living, but working in different fields. From this collective thinking we
hope that people will be incited to realize, or make manifest, some of these
ways of living and thinking creatively when they leave: We will learn from
each other.


Like previous knowledge labs the day will be divided into four streams, each
will take place in a separate room.


STREAM 1: TECHNOLOGY *Free software, art spaces and interfaces, hardware,
DIY and recycling/reusing.


STREAM 2: WAYS OF LIVING *This stream concerns process, moment and
performance. It is the political stream where we will consider primarily
imaginative resistance and artivism, but also touch on debates surrounding
gender issues, community and cultural production, and personal/political. We
hope to see papers touching on initiatives in direct democracy; the art of
changing that system, and the paradigms of inspiration. We would like to
discuss how artivism will change society, possibles networks of artivists,
ways of action.


STREAM 3: AUTHORSHIP *Copy rights, ownership, patenting, and appropriation.
(Creative commons, Copyleft,...)


STREAM 4: THE ART MARKET *(new ways of) curating, spaces (physical and
virtual) to show art, ways of making money: Marketing, the means of
production, market forces and anti-market forces, the art market, and art
and ethics.



Each day will be split into two parts. On Saturday and Sunday morning papers
will be presented in each of the four streams, each lasting 20-30 minutes.
Papers will be followed by a brief question period of 10-15 minutes. The
afternoon will be divided into discussion periods in each of the four
streams. During the weekend there will also be a separate space for
workshops and performances.

There are therefore a variety of ways to contribute to the weekend. See
below for details:


The list of streams is not prescriptive, it simply outlines some of the
issues we envisage arising given the general themes.

Please also send papers on other themes, these will be gratefully

Submit an abstract of no more than 500 words. In addition please enclose a
brief biography. Try to make this, along with your paper, as accessible as


If you have an idea for one of the afternoon discussion topics that links in
with one of the four streams then send in a your idea and think about one of
the two types of involvement below:

If you'd like to take a more pro-active role during the conference, you
might want to ADOPT a session - that is, prepare it in advance (suggest
questions, main issues, reading material etc and propose the length of the
session), arrive prepared for discussion themselves, attend it, and
participate passionately in the debates.

We also need people to FACILITATE sessions - ideally a session should NOT be
adopted and facilitated by the same person(s). Consider that facilitators
are usually best if experienced in their task. Any which way, please get in


These will broadly tie in with one of the four streams above. Send a
proposal [Max: A single side of A4], elaborate on: What your contribution
will be e.g. a workshop, a performance, an artwork. How long you envisage it
taking. Do you need any equipment or materials? Do you want to limit the
number of participants? If so, how many? What do you hope will be born out
of this? How do you propose to arrive at this end?


DJ and VJ session: Call for DJs and VJs to send in samples so they might
come and contribute to an evening of art in many guises. As well as other
music, visual, perfomance, etc artist and Artivist.

Nb. Groups are welcome to contribute workshops, materials for display and/or


*Anybody is welcome to attend the weekend, get involved in the discussions,
and take part in the workshops. HOWEVER, YOU NEED TO REGISTER TO ATTEND AS
klab9art at googlemail dot com* *


CONTACT klab9art at googlemail dot com* *

Amy, Ana and Synnove


Unwaged persons: free Unfunded students/low-paid persons: donation Funded
students/Lancaster university staff: £20 Academics/waged persons: £65 This
contribution is for the whole weekend and includes Friday and Saturday
dinner, Saturday and Sunday breakfast and lunch. All food will be vegan and
predominantly organic.


Shared accommodation is available on the floor of the very spacious and
friendly Quakers' Meeting House, it is free, but please bring sleeping bag
and mat. Get in touch if you have any special requirements, and again,
please let us know in advance if you're bringing a child.


Visit respectively the respective sites for the previous knowledgelabs:

About Klab9:Art

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Contact: projekt

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