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Re: [ox-en] Paid linux programmers: how do they work

Patrick Godeau wrote:
Since most free software projects are made by self-working developers,
the problem doesn't appear often,

Don't forget the many state-employed developers (Linus Torvalds and RMS
started as such too).

You're right, but maybe I'm misleaded by my poor knowledge of English...
By "self-working" I meant a developer who has a very large autonomy,
even if working in a collective project.

Did you mean "self-employed"?

Also, I should make it clear that this control hierarchy problem is not
specific to corporations, even if more frequent in business companies.
There are community projects that work in a very hierarchical manner,
and corporations (e.g. cooperatives) working more or less democratically.

I think your point about _imaginary_ freedom is very important and valid.
The "best" brainwashing is that which goes unnoticed by the targets.


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