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[ox-en] Paid linux programmers: how do they work

I guess some of you have seen this:

where Microsoft's platform director argues Linux 'as free software', already no longer exists

I have a question as to the exact way the community and the corporation cooperate

 - open source remains mostly nonproprietary software, but is increasinly produced by paid employes, true or not true?

 - which side dominates: the corporate or the community?

 - if the community is still a core element of open source, what is their relation to the paid employees

 - how are these paid employees working: as free as community programmers, or are they under a command and control hierarchy; wny does the crowding out factor not apply (i.e. paid employees discouraging further work by volunteers, as it often happens, why not here?)

 - who decides on the main strategic directions of free software development?

 - if the paid employees are free in their work, does their salary then not function as a kind of basic income, not related to their exact 'work'??

I think these questions are pretty crucial in determining the future course of free software.
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