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Re: [ox-en] Paid linux programmers: how do they work

Michael Bauwens a écrit :
I have a question as to the exact way the community and the corporation cooperate [...]

 - how are these paid employees working: as free as community programmers, or are they under a command and control hierarchy;

You notice what is, in my opinion, a limitation of free software definition in the GNU sense (sorry Mr Stallman :-) I think that when a developer or anyone is in a subordination position where s-he must obey orders, you can't really call it freedom.

Since most free software projects are made by self-working developers, the problem doesn't appear often, however it's not rare to find projects undermined by authority conflicts, which generally solve by a fork. Some collective projects manage to work more or less democratically with their own rules (e.g. Debian constitution).

In my knowledge, only 2 software licenses take this collective dimension of freedom into account, the Democratic Software Public License (seems to have lost trace from the web) and the IANG license (, only in French but there's a translation of its preamble.

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