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Re: [ox-en] Free Software and social movements in South America

El Viernes, 1 de Junio de 2007 09:47, Gregers Petersen escribió:
Gustavo U. Navarro wrote:
My name is Gustavo Navarro, I participate and read your list..
But I have one question...

I see that you use moinmoin for a wiki of oekonuk
But I need that you recommend to me a blog software for debian...
Do you know any!!!

Sorry for the questions...

There are a lot of different one's - WordPress is popular or maybe
B2evolution - and a lot of other variant (they all rely on PHP + MySql)
who you can install on basicly any OS/web-server supporting them ....

Maybe something like Drupal could be interesting for you?


Spip is simple solution if you want customization. 
Check it out on:

Di Biase José Luis
Blog --> []
"viaja hasta tu ideal, sembra tu flor, labra tu libertad, rega tu voz
cerra tus ojos que sobra lugar en idilia para los dos"
Contact: projekt

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