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Re: [ox-en] Slides for Lancaster

Hi Stefan,

Stefan Merten wrote:

I finalized a version of slides for the KLab9 event in Lancaster. I
and Raoul would appreciate useful comments.

Since you ask...:

* The actual product is gratis

  However: Price plays a role, but is not crucial

Given how confused most people still are about this
free-as-in-speech-vs.-free-as-in-beer ambiguity, I find the above point
not very helpful. What is "the product", and what is gratis about it ?
It may have been best to skip this point, or simply stating that the issue
is in fact about freedom, not price.

Mode of production of Free Software

Is there *a* mode of production, really ?
(I think the answer to this is a clear and unambiguous "No !")

   This is a very important characteristic

   In the workshop: How can this be compared to the mode of production
   of art?

The same applies to art, of course.

* Without money

  Developers finance themselves by other means

There certainly are developers for which this is true. But
whether this is a significant portion of all Free Software
developers is a subject worth studying. (And this definitely
has changed over the years.)

I have similar issues with the rest of the points / slides,
and as I believe overall all this is based on some very
fundamental misunderstanding I won't repeat my criticism
Please, *please*, don't over-simplify this highly interesting
topic. That doesn't serve anybody.



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