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Re: [ox-en] Report from P2P workshop in Nottingham

Hello from Vienna and I am really glad that the meeting between Michel and
Stefan that I wanted to arrange in Summer in Vorarlberg finally took
place. The P2P Foundation and the Oekonux related groups are definitely
likeminded approaches and it is necessary to join forces to really create
the tools and structures that allow social transition to happen!

Recently with the help of a friend I discovered Villageforum, a very kin
approach to Global Villages, ( and they published
an exciting book, in which there is also a small chapter related to our
oekonux discussion. It is about wealth, and this mirrors the motto I
suggested for the third Oekonux conference.
I like the distinction "Wealth conversion versus wealth creation" and the
clear statement that wealth is defined by social structures.

"Now, early in this new millennium we are experiencing another shift in
technology, one in which intelligent energy becomes dominant. In this new
era, matter matters less." "This human intelligence is cumulative. Once a
new tool is invented, like Computer Assisted Design, it becomes part of
the global asset base. The reason Bill Gates became so rich is that he was
able to charge an old technology price (price per box) for new technology
product (packaged intelligence). When we make the transition to this new
era, what will be the new definition of wealth? Will it still be having
more possessions? Will it be having more power over others? Will it be
having more money than others? Perhaps not. If there is an emerging theme
among those who are benefiting most from this new technology it appears to
be that what they value most is Quality of Life. Quality of Life is based
on biological principles that simply say that for any part to be healthy,
all parts must be healthy. In other words, I cannot be rich if my
neighbour is poor and, with global communication and movement, the poorest
person in the world is my neighbour."


so I am encouraged the likeminded approaches are muliplying and the
potential close linkages between integrated system design and free modes
are finally discovered.

According to Michel we hold two basic thruths, and i my humble opinion
this is the essence of our message to the world:

1. The resources of the world are finite - and the current economic system
treats them as infinite.
2. The potential of mental cooperation and combined intelligence is
infinite - and the current economic system creates artificial limits.

Good luck to our networking, as I will be out of the loop for quite a time.

Franz Nahrada

Contact: projekt

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