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Re: [ox-en] Report from P2P workshop in Nottingham

Many thanks to Stefan for the report.

I was there, too. I gave a talk titled 'Women's collective action in the free software world' at this workshop. I argued that voluntary work in free software is not necessarily unpaid labour; people are motivated by a variety of matters to get involved in free software. However, the majority of the rewarded and visible labour is coding jobs largely done by men. In this talk, I drew on the stories about women's practices in developing and using free software, and tackled such overemphasis on the value of coding and men's work. I called for attention to invisible values of mutual helping, mutual learning, participating, and sharing experiences. I also called for acknowledgement of women's participation (and hence diverse ways of coding and hacking) in the free software world.

Another Free Project was pointed to by Paul B. Hertzog. He told us
that the science fiction community has an interesting project
producing lots of texts. Unfortunately I have no URL for it :-( .

The URL of Paul's peer-to-peer social publishing is

Best wishes,

Yuwei Lin | yuwei at ylin dot org
Contact: projekt

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