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Re: [ox-en] Re: The new and the old

Just want to say that I already forwarded the Siefkes book info to various lists ... I'm also featuring it as book of the week next week on our blog, and it is in our online bookstore and as one of the top 5 blogs on our blogroll ...

any additional suggestions would be welcome

here is what I suggest, for January as I'm on the road

 - to subdivide the book in a number of 'controversial thesises' that we can discuss publicly and refract via various avenues ... this would require 'chopping' the book in a number of key ideas that are discussable,

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On 2007-12-02 04:18, Michael Bauwens wrote: ) in detail. Because, you don't read it yet?
Or didn't find it useful? This already _is_ the best transition
concept I know.

silence on that book. I take it that Christian is not a great
self-promoter, which is a quality, but also hurts the spread of his
important contributions.

Can we induce a network effect to spread the text?

MB: Before you write/translate your longer article, is there any
short summary of why copyfarleft is wrong as a concept?

AFAIK: no.


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