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Re: [ox-en] Re: The new and the old

Stefan Meretz schrieb:
On 2007-12-02 04:18, Michael Bauwens wrote: ) in detail. Because, you don't read it yet?
Or didn't find it useful? This already _is_ the best transition
concept I know.

silence on that book. I take it that Christian is not a great
self-promoter, which is a quality, but also hurts the spread of his
important contributions.

Can we induce a network effect to spread the text?

*In German:*

   * Keimform-Blog: Request for Comments: Die Peer-Ökonomie

   * Oekonux-Liste: Request for Comments: Die Peer-Ökonomie
     <> + der folgende
   * Laboratorium: Peer-Economy und Grundauskommen

   * Stefan Meretz: Peer-Ökonomie. Ein Übergangskonzept.
     Rezension in der Zeitschrift /Streifzüge/ 41, November 2007
     (kommentierbare Version

*In English:*

   * P2P Foundation Blog: New book on the expansion of peer production
     in the physical economy

   * decentralization list: Generalizing Peer Production into the
     Physical World
     (starting point of a long, but largely off-topic discussion)

*Contributions discussing specifiy points:*

   * Oekonux list: Terminology: Peer X?

above infos via peerconomy-wiki
one idea, stefan: may be your book-review could be re-printed in

one hint: i did some machine translation of the actual lohoff-text in krisis 31. may also of interest.


Contact: projekt

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