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[ox-en] Geert Lovink & Trebor Scholz (eds.), "The Art of Free Cooperation"

(this book contains the translation of spehr's award-winning essay Gleicher als andere-Eine Grundlegung der freien Kooperation that came out as a book in 2003. /geert)

Geert Lovink & Trebor Scholz (eds.), "The Art of Free Cooperation"

What are the rules of collaboration in “free cooperation”? If you are
anxiously awaiting an answer to this question, or debates linking
web-based, cooperation-enhancing technologies to the broader world of
political activism, check out this book. Put together as a response to
what the editors identified as a "crisis in new-media art education," FC
contains essays from media theorists and critics Howard Rheingold,
Christoph Spehr, Brian Holmes and the editors. The book provides concrete
tactics and techniques for voluntary associations, be they cultural,
political, social, economic, and examines the dynamics (or, the
methodologies and politics) that can emerge within such groups, and also
comes with DVD packed with additional texts, highlights from an
international "Free Cooperation" conference, and a feature-length film
collage, narrated by Tony Conrad. Limited copies are available.

274 pp, $20
For more information or to buy the book, go to:

Contact: projekt

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