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[ox-en] Fwd: Oekonux comments on Copyfarleft.

Dmytri wrote me this response.

The translation of my long text Dmytri mentioned (critique of 
Copyfarleft) is on the way.


----------  Weitergeleitete Nachricht  ----------

Betreff: Oekonux comments on Copyfarleft.
Datum: 2007-12-28
Von: Dmytri Kleiner <dk>
An: stefan.meretz, josx

Stefan Meretz wrote: 

I did not find this text useful. First, here is a german translation
and a german critique of "copyfarleft":
(for the few being able to read german)

Main points of my critique are:

The text is theoretically weak. Kleiner arbitrarily mixes "work" 
and "work force", "value" and "price", "rent"(?) and "profit" (about
on the level of Ricardo and Lasalle). He attacks copyleft, because he
does not understand the function of copyleft. He attacks property, but
not because he is against property, but he want to see property in
workers hands operating the same way as capitalists do. He doesn't
want to touch the logic of making more money from money. Thus he has
no understanding of alienation. He doesn't want to touch exchange.
Etc. Finally he has no understanding of what free software is. A
somewhat radical attitude with an affirmative theoretical content
behind. In no way comparable with oekonux.

Sorry for being so harsh.

Hello, sorry for responding months later to such old comments, but I 
just came across them today. Please forward my response to your list.

Stefan apologizes for being harsh, however that would require no apology 
as I am a free software developer and cultural producer, not an 
academic, so coherent critique of my work is the primary thing that 
advances my theoretical development. 

What Stefan should apologize for is the utter emptiness of the comments
above, he claims my text is "theoretically week," however offers no
examples of how this is so and in which way it affects the actual 
arguments and claims I have made. He makes claims regarding what "I 
want" with regards to property without any citation to back up, 
claims "I don't understand copyleft" and a lot of addition 
unsubstantiated rubbish that are simply claimed and not argued.

For anyone interested in my work, please see:

Comments, critiques and criticisms are more than just welcome, they are
critically needed to develop the project. I can only hope that they will
somewhat more substantial than the unfortunate example found here. 

I fully believe that the comments Stefan made in German are more
substantial, however as my German is quite basic, so I am unable to 
comment on their merit. If Stefan truly believes his criticisms are 
valid, perhaps he will actual post them in English. I would be more 
than happy to engage in such a dialogue and hope Stefan is not simply 
content to hide behind such empty dismissive smears as he has posted 

BTW, for any in Berlin I will be on a panel at CCC discussing some of 
thees topics. (the 
text on this page is not mine)

Dmytri Kleiner
editing text files since 1981


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