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[ox-en] Paper about release management in Free Software projects



you find the PHD work of Martin Michlmayr, a former DPL (Debian
Project Leader, the "highest" position Debian has).

From an article I read about the paper: Martin looks at the release
management of Free Software projects. He distinguishes two main
categories: Feature based releases (i.e.: the well known "It's ready
when it's ready") and time based releases (i.e. releases are scheduled
in advance in a fixed time boxing scheme). He comes to the conclusion
that time based release schemes are better for all stakeholders. Those
of you who may know Debian better probably remember that feature based
release schemes can lead to looooooong delays for a release...

IMHO this work is particularly interesting because it deals with peer
governance - all management stuff is part of a governance. But it also
deals with the quality of the product in a non-technical sense.



Contact: projekt

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