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[ox-en] Re: European 'open' policy experts

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Hi Andrea,

Concerning the policy pages, I woud be totally open to co-brand the pages
with Communia, and/or find if there is a system whereby pages can be
automatically copied to another wiki at the same time.

I'm also willing to do the dunkey work as a documentarian, putting online
any documentation that is send to me via email and such.

Whatever works for you guys if fine to me. Please also note the Standards
pages which focus on open standards and interoperability issues, as well as
the goal of creating 'true distributed infrastructures',


On Jan 6, 2008 2:25 AM, Andrea Glorioso <andrea> wrote:

Dear Michael,

"Michael" == Michael Bauwens <michelsub2003> writes:

   > Dear Andrea, Living in Thailand, I can of course not attend this
   > event.

That's very unfortunate, although of course I can understand the
difficulties in travelling from so far away.

I do hope that somebody else from the Oekonux list will be able to
make it - let me remind everybody that the workshop is free of charge,
we only request registration for security/legal reasons (the room has
a maximum capacity).

   > I was wondering if you were aware of our growing pages on

   > and in particular our new directory of policy consultants that
   > aims to match politicians and policy advisers, starting with
   > European countries.

   > See

I was not aware of either pages, but this sounds like something that
we should discuss upon to check whether collaboration with COMMUNIA
could be possible.


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