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[ox-en] Re: European 'open' policy experts

Dear Michel,

thanks for your kind offer, which I will try to turn into reality as
soon as possible - something which, with 36 institutions being in the
network, might not be as quick as one might think.

Collaboration between COMMUNIA, the P2P Foundation, as well as the
Oekonux project/list would be, in my opinion, highly positive - surely
for the final results of COMMUNIA, and hopefully for the counterparts
as well.  I will discuss this with the project's coordinator,
Prof. Juan Carlos De Martin, at the earliest occasion.

Thanks a lot,


"Michel" == Michel Bauwens <michelsub2004> writes:

    > Hi Andrea, Concerning the policy pages, I woud be totally open
    > to co-brand the pages with Communia, and/or find if there is a
    > system whereby pages can be automatically copied to another wiki
    > at the same time.

    > I'm also willing to do the dunkey work as a documentarian,
    > putting online any documentation that is send to me via email
    > and such.

    > Whatever works for you guys if fine to me. Please also note the
    > Standards pages which focus on open standards and
    > interoperability issues, as well as the goal of creating 'true
    > distributed infrastructures',

    > Michel

    > On Jan 6, 2008 2:25 AM, Andrea Glorioso
    > <andrea> wrote:

    >     Dear Michael,

    >>>>>> "Michael" == Michael Bauwens <michelsub2003>
    >>>>>> writes:

    >> Dear Andrea, Living in Thailand, I can of course not attend
    >> this event.

    >     That's very unfortunate, although of course I can understand
    > the difficulties in travelling from so far away.

    >     I do hope that somebody else from the Oekonux list will be
    > able to make it - let me remind everybody that the workshop is
    > free of charge, we only request registration for security/legal
    > reasons (the room has a maximum capacity).

    >> I was wondering if you were aware of our growing pages on

    >> and in particular our new directory of policy consultants that
    >> aims to match politicians and policy advisers, starting with
    >> European countries.

    >> See

    >     I was not aware of either pages, but this sounds like
    > something that we should discuss upon to check whether
    > collaboration with COMMUNIA could be possible.

    >     Best,

    >     -- Andrea Glorioso ||
    > M: +32-488-409-055 F:
    > +39-051-930-31-133 "Italy is a nation of octogenarian lawmakers
    > elected by 70-year-old pensioners. Everyone else is
    > unconsequential" (Bernhard Warner)

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      Andrea Glorioso ||
          M: +32-488-409-055         F: +39-051-930-31-133
  "Italy is a nation of octogenarian lawmakers elected by 70-year-old 
     pensioners. Everyone else is unconsequential" (Bernhard Warner)

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