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[ox-en] peer production

Michel Bauwens writes:

of course, part of the issue may be semantics, neither
benkler nor me, and I don't think the stefan's of
oekonux, use peer production as simply referring to
production amongst equals, which could also apply to

that is NOT what is commonly understood under peer

thats quite important and I remember reading a quote by Rob Myers from a
blog you referred to in the Wikipedia governance thread:

"There are no peers in a Free Software project. If contributions are
deemed to be of acceptable quality, they are added to the project by its
appointed gatekeepers. If not, they are rejected and advice given. This
methodology is a structured and exclusive one, but it is meritocratic. Any
contribution of sufficient quality can be accepted, and if someone makes
enough such contributions they themselves may gain the trust required to
become a gatekeeper."


So why is it still justified to use the term, not only in the context of
the foundation, but also in the context of the oekonux conference?

I think its because there is a vital provision in the system that anybody
at any time can attempt to change the rules of the game, create a fork or
additional project. Thats the free cooperation aspect turning conditions
of production non-rival or as non-rival as possible, and thats something
which I hope will be looked at in more details in the upcoming conference.


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