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[ox-en] is money simply memory?

Dmytri Kleiner <dk> writes:

Wealth is the accumulated surplus of human 
labour, money is simply memory, nothing more.

If you do such a verdict, I think you should better prove that money has
indeed the properties of memory.

Some points of doubt:

- In the process of exchange money erases everything from the products
history except an expression of quantity.
Doesnt memory have properties of quality?

- the monetary expression of a product is prone to change according to
current value, therefore past quantities become obsolete.
Should?nt memory preserve the quantitative aspects of transactions?

In my opinion, money neither qualitatively nor quantitatively is the same
as memory. the verdict or equation seems absurd to me.

Why not acknowledging that money is Wertform, form of value?


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Thread: oxenT04129 Message: 20/23 L2 [In index]
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