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Re: [ox-en] Kula and other comments from Gregers

On Tue, 15 Jan 2008 12:25:49 [PHONE NUMBER REMOVED], "Zbigniew Lukasiak" <zzbbyy>

I think you misunderstood the metaphor Gregers has given - what he was
suggesting is that there is an accumulated body of knowledge - this
body of knowledge is maintained by anthropologists  - and you with
your remarks you try to change this body of knowledge - like sending
patch to an existing and working programming project.  So he was
suggesting that it is you who is sending the patch - not him.

Hi Zbigniew, I suppose I'll let Gregers speak for himself regarding the
intention of
his patch analogy, but I certainly don't feel I am contributing to
anthropology, just
trying to apply what I have come across to my understanding of peer
production, etc.

If Gregers, or anybody else has some insight with regards to origins of
and exchange, and so forth, I'm quite interested, as for all this talk
patches, I can't honestly say I have any clue what the point is.


Dmytri Kleiner
editing text files since 1981

Contact: projekt

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