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Re: [ox-en] The Ideology of Free Culture and the Grammar of Sabotage

graham schrieb:
I found it rather odd. It seems to me that the number of people making a
career of showing that free culture in general is simply a way of
exploiting a naive but oppressed workforce is significantly larger than
the number of people who believe it may have more meaning than that (or
at least it is among the artistic end of social theorists). So that in
that sense the large (or at least noisy) post-operaist groups are
dependent on the existence of the tiny (and quite quiet) oekonux to have
someone to criticise; in that sense, it's the post-operaists who are the
parasites. And who will be endlessly going over ground first covered
long ago by Richard Barbrook's 'Californian Ideology' unless oekonux
keeps supporting them by providing new ideas to complain about.

I did not read Matteos text yet, but Negri himself looks in a positive way at the free software movement (in "Multitude" for example), so dont blame post-operaists as a whole.


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