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Re: [ox-en] Material peer production (Part 2: Free Cooperation)

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Thanks Christian,

I'm suggesting, you are deciding ... that is fine with me, but I think that
if you google local associations, lots of stuff with come up, almost none of
which being associated with peer production ...


On Fri, Feb 15, 2008 at 11:48 PM, Christian Siefkes <christian>


Michel Bauwens wrote:
Thanks for your excellent contributions on thinking through all the
implications of material peer production.

Thanks :-)

I have only 2 small semantic remarks so far:

- one is the use of prosumer, which is used by Alvin Toffler to
indicate merely active consumers, and I think we are much beyond that,
so I certainly prefer produSer, used by Axel Bruns

Well, I'm not referring to ideas of any specific author (otherwise I would
have quoted them), but I merely use the term to refer to people that are
both producers _and_ consumers (or users) at the same time. The term
"produser" didn't yet exist when I wrote my book, otherwise I might have
chosen it. Or maybe not--this term sounds and spells _very_ similar to
producer, which might cause confusion, and the pair "produce" and
is nicely symmetric in a way in which the pair "produce" and "use" is not.

I haven't read Axel Bruns' book yet (though I plan to do so), and for now
I'll prefer to stick with the established (and easily understandable)

- as a librarian and encyclopedist, I also would prefer a more precise
term than just "local associations", this is just so much in general
usage to indicate all kinds of assns, that I would really prefer, so I
can put it in the wiki as a technical term, that you would add
something to it, as in local x associations ...

Well, in the context of peer production, the term "local association"
usually used with any other meaning, so I don't think there's risk of
confusion. An alternative is the term "local meta-project", which I use
or less synonymously in my book (since local associations can be
some kind of "meta-project", as I explained).

Best regards

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