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[ox-en] Re: [p2p-research] arguments against applying open/free to other content

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Without actually addressing his arguments one-by-one, I have to say that his
understanding of how people can possibly earn a living from art, music, and
creative works, is limited. I think that time will prove him wrong.

I do agree with him that it's useful to declare a license of some form up
front, as the creator of a work. I have actually run across people recently
who have released creative works, and have declared no license, which means
that others can come along and use the legal system to enclose their works
that they intended to be "public domain" later.

This was the case with

I spoke with the inventor of this machine, Pat Delany, on the phone a few
months ago. It turned out that he is a Texas oil industry retiree who is in
his 70's, and he intended to release this machine into the public domain,
but didn't really know too much about "licensing" in this way.

This happens with lots of people working on the realm of open hardware, who
explicitly *do not* want to patent or enclose, but do not know where to

With creative works, like art and music, I understand the author's point
about donation based models, and needing build up fan bases. Yet, the need
to build up demand in order to make a profit exists no matter what, whether
or not they are donation based, or whether music materials are totally
copyrighted, for instance.

I can tell you from experience as a professional touring musician, our group
made more money by offering recordings and other products for a donation,
than just trying to sell them outright. And, these products we're all fully
copyrighted. But the way that we sold them was by asking for people who took
a CD to donate whatever they could. This also happens to be a good way to
attract more fans, by making your recording more widely available.

On Feb 19, 2008 7:01 AM, Michel Bauwens <michelsub2004> wrote:

This is a good set of arguments, actually written by a free software
advocate, against applying those principles to other areas of content


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