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Re: [ox-en] The Ideology of Free Culture and the Grammar of Sabotage

On 2008-02-19 13:21, graham wrote:
strands, a logical one, and what I originally thought was an
independent rhetorical one, concentrating on creating a mood. This
mood was fascist, in fact the whole technique is quite typically

I don't think so.

it was presumably intended to be provocative, and succeeded 
in being so. And specifically intended to be provocative to
'digitalist' groups like oekonux, 'the grey accomplice of a parasitic

Provocation is not always bad, however, in this context not very 

Any honest and sane person would clearly see that there is nothing
anti-semitic about Matteo's article, which makes it clear that
Stefan is neither.

Although anti-semitism is a specific case of the attitude described
above, I saw nothing specifically anti-semitic in the paper. What I
did not realise, until reading Stefan Mn's reply, was quite how far
the logical theme of the paper was permeated by the same attitude as
the rhetorical one.

This permeation of special rhetorics, of special stereotypes, of 
recurring images is what StefanMn names "antisemitic structure" or IMHO 
more precisely "structural anti-semitism". It is not anti-semitism, it 
reproduces some typical structural elements which are common in 
anti-semitic discourse. This difference is very important and must not 
be neglected.

However, quite often the word "structural" gets lost in the perception, 
want remains is the word "anti-semitism" being understood as a personal 
offense. At this point debates always end.

Maybe the high sensitivity on anti-semitism is special in germany due to 
history, but it isn't only a german thing. Anti-semitism is a worldwide 

Strutural anti-semitism is a big danger, and none of us is free of 
using stereotypes. It would be good to be able reminding us mutually in 
a friendly atmosphere.


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