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Re: [ox-en] The Ideology of Free Culture and the Grammar of Sabotage

Hi Michel!

2 days ago Michel Bauwens wrote:
Thanks for your answer, but I still think you are on slippery ground,
precisely because the charge of antisemitic structure is so charged.

I see what you mean. However, I agree with Christian's posting today
and also with StefanMz and others.

Just look at the pope and the anglican archbisschop's lectures referring to
Islam, which were intricate and well-thought out opinions (which you may
disagree with, but nevertheless), and what came out of it in the

I don't think this project has such a press yet ;-) .

But even if so: This is a purely tactical argument. There are
situations where I agree with tactical arguments, but on this
discussion list openness is one of the key aspects and thus tactics
need to be secondary or otherwise we *really* get alienated.

is something that may happen to you, and Matteo's reaction shows its

Well, but Matteo's reaction is his and not mine. Matteo could also
have said: "Oh well, I didn't see that so far. Thanks for taking the
time and pointing that out. I'll go and change my text because I don't
want to attract *real* antisemites by it." That would have been
openness and learning and it would have been a nice step forward for
everyone. Instead Matteo left and even with leaving a violent threat.
I'm sorry about this, but that's Matteo's responsibility - don't you

I see what you mean, this displacement from structures to human groups
embodying them, but I would not call this anti-semitic;

See StefanMz and Christian for pointing out the structure thing here.
It is important for me too - as I wrote in my last posting.

The dangerous element of your interpretation is that it
would allow you to use this tag on everyone disagreeing with your
(post)-Marxist analysis.

Well, you probably don't know the leftist discourse in Germany. There
are those Anti-Deutsche which really apply this to everyone.

I'm far from this - also because usually it is not necessary to make a
point. However, in Matteo's text - which I read without any
preoccupation - from where should it have come? - the signs were
rather massive and so I considered it useful to point that danger out.
Especially because the text was meant for a wider audience.

Also, my Marxian analysis is very broad and there is only a little
part of it where I think understanding it is necessary to not step
into that trap.

This would avoid branding groups like the alterglobalization movement, and
individuals like Matteo, who are the opposite of anti-semitic, to be branded
by such a misleading charge.

I'm far from branding anyone. In the contrary: Distinguishing people
on the one hand from what they do and the structures they operate in
on the other hand was one of my key points. I hope I was able to make
that very clear. However, I consider this a real danger for an
emancipatory movement and thus don't take it lightly.

By doing that, you make it impossible to have a proper dialogue with Matteo.

Sorry, but that's really Matteo's fault - not mine.



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