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Re: [ox-en] The Ideology of Free Culture and the Grammar of Sabotage

On Fri, 22 Feb 2008 19:57:16 [PHONE NUMBER REMOVED], "Michel Bauwens"
<michelsub2004> wrote:

I really propose that we put this discussion to rest.

I certainly have nothing further to say, however I will
also not let any further smears go unrefuted.

Everybody can now form his judgment about what happened.


On Fri, Feb 22, 2008 at 7:46 PM, Dmytri Kleiner <dk>

On Fri, 22 Feb 2008 00:12:27 +0100, magius <gmagius> wrote:

IMHO the problem with "large companies" is not their dimension, but
their property. Individual companies have *people* back, big corps
have only money. And money flows where is other money.

Correct! Further, since under free competition Capital can not
sustain a return greater than it's cost, where then do
the profits of such large Corporations come from?

The answer is anti-competitive privilege granted by a coercive state,
that is what really sets the great corporations apart is their
ability to promote their own interests using the power of the State,
to monopolize resources and exclude competition.

On 2008/2/4, Stefan Merten <smerten> wrote:

Matteo Pasquinelli:
 > 2) question the role and complicity of the commons
 > within the global economy and put the common stock out of the
 > exploitation of large companies;

I'm really sorry to say this but once more your anti-Semitic attitude
 shows through: Single workers may but large companies may not? That
 argument has an anti-Semitic structure.

While this is irrelevant to what magius has said, this infuriating
quotation left at the bottom perfectly illustrates the sort of
reprehensible idiot Stefan Merten is. Responding to a perfectly clear
concern regarding the defense of a common stock against privileged
exploitation with a charge of antisemitism. Absolutely, unforgivably
and undeniably disgusting, those of you supporting him should give your
head a shake, you disgrace yourself and debase your own work by
involving yourself with him.

Dmytri Kleiner
editing text files since 1981

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