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[ox-en] DRAFT DRAFT DRAFT - CfC for the conference - DRAFT DRAFT DRAFT

Hi all!

Below is a DRAFT for the Call for Contributions. Please DO NOT pass it
on right now. The final Call for Contributions will be send here for
general distribution when it's ready.

Please do read it and feel free to comment particular points as well
as to do more general remarks. Also corrections of the English are
most welcome.

The CfC draft is also available in the Wiki at

with a nicer design.

Please note that at the moment the main conference site is still
occupied by the 3rd conference. This is going to change as soon as I
completed it.



--- 8< --- 8< --- 8< --- 8< --- 8< --- 8< --- 8< --- 8< --- 8< --- 8< ---

.. container:: center

   **Call for Contributions**

   to the

   **4th Oekonux Conference**

   in cooperation with

   **P2P Foundation**

During the past decade the phenomenon of Free Software became
successful and well-known. It is still amazing how in the realm of
software the creativity of so many volunteers leads to products which
are useful for whole mankind. In 1999 the `Oekonux Project`_ started
with analyzing this phenomenon and trying to understand the special
features of Free Software as a social and political thing.

Today, however, beyond Free Software there are more projects which are
based on a similar approach of *peer production*. The most prominent
of them probably is Wikipedia but indeed there are more and more. So
it's time to look at peer production in a more general way.

In its `4th international conference`_ in cooperation with the `P2P
Foundation`_ the Oekonux Project is going to do exactly this. Under
the title

.. container:: center

   **Free Software and Beyond**

   **The World of Peer Production**

we are planning `another conference`_ where

* researchers and activists meet

* intensive discussions are possible

* a lot can be learnt.

We are calling for contributions about the big world of peer
production. This includes but is not limited to topics like:

* Reports from peer production projects such as

  * Wikipedia

  * Blogosphere

  * Design communities

  * OpenAccess movement

  * Open Music

  * Free Culture

  * Flickr, MySpace and the like

  * Free Software

* Peer production and capitalism

  * General relationship

  * Peer production and commercial interests

  * Peer production and the state

  * Peer production and political approaches of the past

* Peer governance

  * Peer governance in general

  * Peer ownership

  * Maintainership and conflict resolution

* Material peer production

  * Existing projects

  * Theoretical approaches

If you want to

* give a talk

* prepare a workshop

* moderate a discussion round

please submit a short outline of your idea to projekt
(Mails to this address are archived on the web. Please ask there if
this is a problem for you.) If you want to add some other kind of
contribution or have other questions please also don't hesitate to
contact this address.

Important information:

* Deadline for applications: 31 October 2008

* Final decision on acceptance: 15 December 2008

* Conference date: 27-29 March 2009

* Conference location: Manchester, UK

* Contact address: projekt

* Conference language: English

.. _Oekonux Project:

.. _P2P Foundation:

.. _4th international conference:

.. _another conference:

Contact: projekt

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