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Re: [ox-en] DRAFT DRAFT DRAFT - CfC for the conference - DRAFT DRAFT DRAFT

On 2008-02-24 12:39, Stefan Merten wrote:
Please do read it and feel free to comment particular points as well
as to do more general remarks.

Nice and short -- very good!

* Reports from peer production projects such as

  * Wikipedia

  * Blogosphere

  * Design communities

  * OpenAccess movement

  * Open Music

  * Free Culture

  * Flickr, MySpace and the like

  * Free Software

My only question is, whether "Blogosphere" and "Flickr, MySpace and the 
like" are really peer production (projects). Of course, concerning 
social organisation there are relationships between Web-2.0-Apps and 
peer production projects, however, I propose to narrow the focus and 
delete these two from the list.


Start here:
Contact: projekt

Thread: oxenT04409 Message: 3/19 L1 [In index]
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