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Re: [ox-en] Digital Utopianism

Stefan Seefeld wrote:
Christoph Reuss wrote:
Stefan Seefeld wrote:
How do you see the relationship between Oekonux and the OpenSource
It seems to me Oekonux is as diverse and heterogeneous as is the bunch
of people somehow involved into FLOSS.

This doesn't answer the question about the relationship between the two

My point was that both are too heterogeneous to allow to be argued about
as a single entity.

A group is not only defined by its members, but also by its "program"
(common agenda or goals that all members agree upon), its common
achievements, perhaps also common "enemies", "role models", structures,
sort of leadership?, ....

Maybe someone can answer the question in this sense.


Contact: projekt

Thread: oxenT04444 Message: 9/15 L1 [In index]
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