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Re: [ox-en] Digital Utopianism

Hi StefanMn,

But the way you're dealing (or rather: not dealing) with different
approaches -- be it Dmytri's or mine -- is pretty disturbing.  It
smacks of totalitarianism rather than freedom.

You are of course free to think what you like - as anybody here.
Only free to THINK (that's trivial, as I assume you can't read thoughts
so you couldn't enforce bans on certain thoughts anyway), or also free to
WRITE what I like?  With exceptions...

And I reject the accusation that I killed ox-de.  (Obviously wrong because
it is dead although I got censored on it.)

The problem with people like Dmytri or you is that it absolutely makes
no sense to discuss with you. Because you don't listen. In fact I

  2 days ago Stefan Merten wrote:
  > Sorry, but this debate has killed [ox-de] already

Contrary to your claim cited above I simply did not say that you
killed [ox-de].

Your complete phrase was:

Sorry, but this debate has killed [ox-de] already - and with you as
one of the main offenders.

So you asserted that I was one of the main offenders who killed ox-de.
And because I was the one who introduced P/P on ox-de, your assertion
that the P/P debate killed ox-de means by the rules of logic that I
am responsible for its death.  And that's why in your subsequent phrases
you threatened to ban me on ox-en in case I'd talk about P/P here.
The threat in this wording only makes sense if I am the sole perp.
So who is twisting your words?


P.S.:  Regarding the other posting:  My statement "the world is finite"
clearly referred to material things, not to the time until the planet
will fall into the sun.  This matters NOW, not just after zillions of
years from now!

P.P.S.:  In the past, you signed with "Mit Freien Grüßen", now only with
"Grüße".  Does that mean you have realized in the meantime that there is
no freedom under capitalism and M$-rule? ;-)

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Thread: oxenT04444 Message: 15/15 L1 [In index]
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