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Re: [ox-en] Freedom Hardware - or - Hardware Freedom


Mon, 09 Jun 2008 11:58:52 -0700 (PDT) Patrick Anderson wrote:

This will mostly only work by starting new organizations funded by
consumers who "pre-pay" for the objectives of that organization.

But notice this is not too different from how most Free Software is
funded.  Most Free Software developers 'invest' their skills and labor
because they are "scratching their own itch" - they are consumers that
can "pre-pay" with work because they are also producers.  They are
produsers, prosumers, conducers.

I don't think this is so undoable for Physical Sources.  Would you
"pre-pay" $100 to be a voting shareholder in a for-product cell-phone
system that is guaranteed to be lower in price, with that price
continuing to fall over time?

There's a hydro power project here that strikes me as being somewhat analogous ...

... and in line with the Transition Towns initiative

-- adam

Contact: projekt

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