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Re: [ox-en] There is no such thing like "peer money"

Franz Nahrada wrote:
In a way the "community" accumullates "resources" that allow an internal
code of mutual peer production. Ther is an "inside" of people whose
division of labour is built on a different code than market relations, and
an "outside" that is the source of technologies and resources that cant
yet be produced from the "inside". So the accumulation of money is like
accumulation of "foreign currency".

Would you agree with that?

Yes, except that I would clarify in the last sentence that money isn't
"accumulated" at all, but merely collected as needed to pay for resources
and means of production that must be bought from the "outside". I also think
that this money cannot be earned by the "community" (it cannot sell anything
to the "outside", otherwise it will become a part of the "outside" itself),
but that it must be brought into the community by community members.

So at least some of the community members will have to live in "two worlds",
acquiring money through wage labor, successful capital accumulation,
inheritance or whatever (outside the community), and taking part in the
community as well. But during the transition phase that's necessary anyway,
since it will be a long time until the internal peer production will be
sufficiently manifold to satisfy all the needs of the community members.

Best regards

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