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Re: [ox-en] There is no such thing like "peer money"

list-en writes:
Michel Bauwens wrote:
Thanks Sam, I totally agree, and this is the background to the 'beef' I
with the Stefan's. Granted that we 'need' money, at least in a
state (which may last forever, unless a system a la siefkes takes over),
then it is just inconceivable that we would use the present capitalist
protocol for such a money. That is a very simple, and for me,

I think we'll have to do without money from the very start, otherwise the
transition simply won't take place. For the internal organization of the
mode of production, that is--it's probably possible (and indeed necessary)
to collect money and use it to buy things on the market with we cannot yet
produce ourselves, but it's just using money in "pass-through" mode. The
mode of production won't produce an income for anybody, that's indeed a
precondition for its success (since otherwise the rules of market
competition will still govern the transactions between money owners, and
new mode will revert into the old one).

For a successful transition to a post-capitalist way of production, a
protocol such as the one I describe has to be used from the very start.
That'll require some modifications (to make it more suitable for smaller
groups, for example), but it's not impossible. I'm thinking about it.

Best regards

In a way the "community" accumullates "resources" that allow an internal
code of mutual peer production. Ther is an "inside" of people whose
division of labour is built on a different code than market relations, and
an "outside" that is the source of technologies and resources that cant
yet be produced from the "inside". So the accumulation of money is like
accumulation of "foreign currency".

Would you agree with that?

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